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Let’s find your Innovative Potential

We welcome you to the discovery of new paradigms of the personal, educational and business sphere. It will be a journey to the discovery of the human potential through a novel methodology based on the research instrument Kpertuss:

The Explorer of the Profile of your Dreams

Let’s start this discovery together

Let’s start the change

Talent: Your great treasure

Talent: Your great treasure - mi-carrera.com

Together we will witness a GREAT finding: The discovery of your Natural Potential, the Sense of your Life as a starting point to shape your Life Project.

We will guide you through the exploration of your Talent and Vocation to find the Profession that best suits them, based on the natural process of the Kpertuss System.

Education 3.0

Let us be your guides to turn your students into the authors of their educational process, to boost the discovery of their potential and the specific purpose of their academic and/or professional training.

This will lead them to ignite their own motivation and put their talents into action.

let's meet your innovative potential - mi-carrera.com

Your Business

Your Business mi-carrera.com

New approach and new concepts to address the Human Resources Management of YOUR company aimed at the actions: Personnel Selection, Talent Management and Personnel Motivation.

Let us show you our way to detect true leadership, natural talent and self-generated motivation.

Let’s start the change