Patricia Cabrera Zagal Docente en carreras tecnológicas e ingeniería

Author: Patricia Cabrera Zagal
Educational in technological careers and engineering
Master in Educational Management – Council Iberoamericano
Ibero-American Award for Educational Excellence - 2004

Professional Profiles:



The purpose of this development aims to the delivery of a complete orientation in relation to university careers in the world of Hispanic speech. Appropriate for youngsters postulantes, from the secondary education or average, to the upper and university education, as also for those people that feel that they have to confirm or reformular his current professional profile.

As it observes , so much to national level like international, exists a significant statistical percentage of students, that abandon his upper studies, change one or multiple times of career or of university institution, or fall in academic failure that drives them to the elimination of the career.

This situation brings associated a high economic cost for the families and for the state. Of here it was born this initiative of investigation and development. Professional Profiles, has like one put, help to the families, to the institutions of secondary education or average, and to all that person that has to go through a process of election of career. This investigation developed , doing use extensivo in his first stages, of the statistics of school performance of different institutions of upper education, published and presents besides in varied articles and studies of the centres of admission and of the own government.

Identified the problem, with a quantitative base, proceeded to study a solution that combines concepts that go, among others, from principles base of pedagogy, centred in the reasons of the know be, going through a solution through computer procedures of data for classifying the careers, until application of matrices of personal characteristics of the student, and characteristic of careers, that confrontadas carry to a solution of the election of career by part of the student, in accordance with his personal profile.

It Fits to do notice, that this is an unpublished and innovative investigation that bases his medullary foundation in a conceptualization no investigated and no published until this moment. The investigation is totally original, and has not been tackled by the areas of the pedagogy and the psychology, in the integration of the terms, concepts and process of information, here presented.

The final results of the application of the method are endorsed by the cientos of students that have arrived to a suitable election and have corroborated us his compliance and gratitude by the service loaned. Professional Profiles, through his website mi-carrera.com provide all the materials and necessary elements so that a student can develop the method for his particular case, in shape totally free and autonomous. This service is also extensible to all the colleagues of the secondary education or average, that can access to the place, with the only condition to work the exposed material inside the place or establish links (link) from his particular website.

mi-carrera.com, for deterring those, people or institutions, that do not do quotation of the source mi-carrera.com, and that simply copy and award as its own what have not generated and therefore does not belong them, have seen us in the obligation to purchase rights of author, in addition to the rights Creative Commons that always has exhibited the place.

mi-carrera.com Wait like this cooperate with the big task of the education contributing this method and appreciates the confidence of all those that have cooperated to the progress of the investigation and of course to those cientos of students that have developed the autonomous process and have corroborated us his success in the election of his career.

Development of the Investigation:

Patricia Cabrera Zagal.

Master in Educational Management.

Engineer in Systems of Information.

Educational in Upper Education.

Computer and technological Support:

José Estay Araya.

Master In Sciences of the Computation.

Graduate in Sciences of the Engineering.

University Academician.