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When it comes to entrepreneurship, it always makes reference to a commercial venture, but there are all kinds of entrepreneurship.

The word “undertake” means to approach a new path in a creative way, in any discipline. So there are undertakings of all kinds: investigative, social, organizational, commercial, etc.

It is also thought that by teaching how to conquer the market and to adopt the necessary attitudes, entrepreneurs are being created.

If the person doesn’t have the natural characteristics in it, it’s not worth giving advice or teaching the attitudes necessary to be successful in his/her undertaking.

It is necessary for the person to have the natural personal characteristics in it, since it is not possible to teach him/her to have intuition, perception and imagination in an area that is not his/her own; nor to instill in him/her the energy needed for a long-term project, as in the case of undertaking.

The more harmony there is between the person and his or her venture, the greater the chance of success.

The entrepreneur of the commercial type has a talent to visualize if a product or service will have possibilities of entering the market as planned; and has the energy focused on it, which leads him to have the necessary attitudes.

On this inherent basis, it is already possible to impart knowledge about the area he/she will approach. In this case, knowing how the world of capitalization, sales, customers, relations, negotiations, etc, works.

As long as it is not possible to guide people to where their energy and talent go, successful ventures will continue to be extremely low.

Fear of Entrepreneurship

It is not about venturing, to undertake is not a leap into the void; it is a process that has been developed by internal motivation, with intuition and hope in it. Whoever addresses a project only as a convenience does not have the energy required.

And if he gets results, he will do so at the expense of physical and emotional wear.

It is essential that he enjoys the task to be performed, otherwise, when the slightest difficulty arises, he will quit, believing there are better possibilities in another project.

When something is intrinsic, it appears in a natural way and it develops without even realizing.

This is how students who haven’t finished their studies are already working on it. This is because it has always been part of him/her, it is natural and has the energy focused on it; he/she feels hope and intuitive safety in what he/she does, even though he/she doesn’t know the way yet.

He/she forays into new things, precisely where he/she feels self-confidence regarding them; but most people don’t know their entrepreneurship line and wander looking for something that can be commercial, without being an entrepreneur.


A project or enterprise requires several types of entrepreneurs: technological, organizational, commercial, legal, etc.

Entrepreneurs of different disciplines commonly don’t have business skills, so they need to associate with entrepreneurs of the commercial type, if it is necessary to enter the market.


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