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       Propitious Scope for Innovation


The imbalance of a person with his job position brings as a consequence poor performance and mental wear. This, when you don’t make sense of what is done.

To reach a propitious environment which promotes innovation, it is necessary a job with a clear objective (that makes sense to him), tuning with his internal motivation (passion), appreciation, appraisal and confidence in his work (autonomy and personal pleasure).

Each person owns talent and vocation for a type of task, and the hierarchical structure, where a person directs and inspires a group he’s in charge of, he doesn’t adapt to that reality. It is necessary a horizontal structure where each group member is a leader in a feature of the project, as the organizational, technical, lawful, commercial, communicative, etc.

But for that it is needed to know the potential and vocation of each member of the group.

This seems to be closer to philosophy than the labor market, it is essential if we want to draw upon creativity and innovation.


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