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Leaders’ Formation

How to train people who exercise leadership roles? Who inspire others? Making awareness of business values?

Teaching them to follow a sequence of steps to do and having certain attitudes?

A leader’s functions can be taught and trained, but that can only manage to empower who is already a natural leader.

Leadership is vision, strength, passion and confidence in a type of task; how could we teach or create this is in a person?

To follow a step sequence and having certain attitudes, without having an intrinsic motivation, it cannot be communicated and the desired attitudes don’t remain in time. This person will never be a leader in that scope.

Training doesn’t create talent or leadership. As long as we remain in that attempt, there won’t be significant changes.

It is fundamental for every human being to know the sense of their life and the relation they have with their work objective. As long as this doesn’t happen, the company won’t count on an effective contribution from them.

Recognizing and releasing the natural leader we all have within has to do with connecting our inner strength and our potential, and this is linked to a life goal.

Leadership is result of talent and vocation in a particular task, thence ideas and self-motivation emerge.

Natural Leader

Let’s find talent and vocation in a person and we’ll have a leader in it.

This because:
His attitude is not a formality; it is an energy which radiates from his inner strength; therefore, it communicates! (If it weren’t communicative, in his subject it is) He recognizes and appreciates the work of his partners because he doesn’t feel threatened by them, he knows their abilities.

He has a vision and anticipates to facts because he is a permanent observer of that reality and he knows where it goes. He’s not frightened by difficulties because for him those are challenges he confronts with intuitive safety and hope. For his objective, he confronts tasks that don’t motivate him, since for him they make sense.

How a leader is imposed

A leader doesn’t need to take an authority, he imposes himself. In a group, the leader stands out naturally by the strength, assurance and enthusiasm in what he does. As he shows confident, I listen to him; as I see he has good results, I begin to believe in him and trust what he says; his projects thrill me because I have faith they can be achieved. That’s how a leader is imposed.

We are all leaders

It is not about whether or not we are leaders, each one of us is a leader in a specific area or aspect of reality.

If someone who has proven himself to be a leader in a particular scope, he changes to a task that is not in line with his essential goal, and he will no longer have such behavior, because he is only a leader in what he has to do with the orientation of his inner strength.

Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King and José Mujica are leaders in different fields, if any of them were placed in the other’s place, there they would cease being leaders.

It may be that a person does not respond to leader features; however that doesn’t mean he is not one, it only means that is not the field of his leadership.

Therefore, the issue is not “how to be a leader” but “In which scope, I’m a leader”.
Talent and vocation is the base of the change that is about to come.

Discovering Our Leadership

We know how is a leader in his highest expression and development, but how to discover him when he hasn’t expressed or developed yet? This is the job of; we spot where the energy of each one is focused, which type of talent they own; we discover their type of leadership.

When the person is asked for his passion, he is very likely to believe he is not passionate for anything. This, because he doesn’t feel passion as it is, until you have forayed into it.

Some have found it unintentionally, but it is also possible to discover it.

There are very accurate signs which presage it and that is necessary to know how to recognize them in each person.

Our job is based in a common pattern of the process lead by people who found their talent and vocation in adolescence. This, as a result of 20 years of research and verification of their results


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