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Motivational Lectures

“Motivational” lectures are actually Encouragement Lectures. Encouragement and enthusiasm is not sustained in time; so compulsorily it will have to be done periodically.

Neither transitory nor temporary reasons are sustained, as for example: having incomes, acquiring experience, raising social level, etc.

The only motivation which doesn’t wane over time is the one which responds to an essential goal, because it nurtures of the pleasure of working for that goal, this is what generates self-motivation; and he will do it with the company as mean, or without it.

Motivation in the task you perform won’t be produced as further analysis or lectures are done, as it is not possible to give you motivation in a goal which is not your own.

It is necessary to spot where the person focuses his energies on (vocation), and that these are in line with the service the company provides to community.

Passion is not generated by external stimulation, not even for own decision; it is generated by vocation.

Vocation is the goal which focuses the strength, inspiration and satisfaction necessary to overcome barriers and maintain a long-term motivation.

Like talent, vocation is inherent to the person and what to discover. Once talent and vocation are discovered, the process unleashes in a personal and autonomous way.

This approach, which seems to be closer to philosophy than occupational stuff, it is essential if we want to rely on people’s talent and passion.

Wages, Incentives and Compensations

In people with vocation, the wages, incentives and compensations must not be used as motivation to the goal to achieve, but as an improvement of the working conditions.

Wage as the first goal disrupts motivation to creativity. Why? Because creativity comes associated to vocation, which is a contribution you want to make to life, you need to feel it, that’s what motivates you, and by focusing on the wages, that feeling is tarnished.

Neither can the company condition a task to the maximum profitability, but obtain the best service for the community; if not, it will eventually lose them.


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