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Personnel Recruitment and Selection

Circumstances each time demand more and more creative and flexible personnel which don’t lose motivation.

Headhunters don’t spot new potential waiting for the opportunity to prove it, but recruiting pros that have proved being successful in similar duties.

On their part, R.H in their personnel selection, they consider certified knowledge and the acquired experience, hoping these gave them assurances of the skills required for a particular job.

But skills ensure neither talent nor passion for the task.

Skills are not the same as Talent.  Skills are knowledge and dexterities in a kind of job, which give guarantees of a good functioning within this one.

Talent instead, involves imagination, intuition, perception and vision in a topic or kind of job, which allow foraying into it beyond the known.

We must know in each one, the kind of task in which its talent resides, in order to find the compatibility with the task to be done.

The current lack of ideas is because the largest part of people is performing tasks that don’t correlate with their potential or motivation.


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