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Talent Management

In order to manage people is essential to know not only their knowledge and skills but mainly their talent and vocation.

Talent is not a result of knowledge, training or achieved skills, so it is not possible to acquire it. It is inherent to each person for a particular topic.

The base of creativity and innovation is Talent.

It is not possible to teach to be creative. Creativity can only be developed in the one who already owns it; under no circumstances can it be created.

With methods like “divergent thinking” or “brainstorm” creativity is not achieved.

How a person could become skilled in exercising with the various functions that an object can accomplish, if his attention has always been in another scope?

And neither is he interested in developing, nor does he have his energy focused on this aspect of reality?

This kind of exercising could lead to develop a creativity of the plastic type or perhaps one of the mechanic type, but in no case will be useful to a creativity of the psychological, literary, commercial or musical type, etc. They go by other rails.

As well as attempts of converting a person into an innovator of the commercial or social type, leading him to spot the needs of the population that haven’t been covered or that need innovation.

A person, who has his natural line of observation in another area, doesn’t get a thing dealing with this, he won’t do it, and he won’t know how to do it, because he has neither the motivational force nor previous observations which lead him to an idea of this type.

Creativity is treated as if it were general. A person’s creativity is not general, is specific. Just as an innovator in music is not necessarily one in another discipline like sports or biology, etc.

These methods also suffer from a path of observation and energy focused on the covered scope.

They can only serve us to disassociate us from the rigidity of thought the education inured to us.

We must detect in the person in which line has natural tuning; where the task of observation in the subject, is already being performed since puberty (even without being fully aware of it). From here witticism, creativity and innovation emerge.

Collective creativity will be take place between people who share their own creativity in different aspects of a project, such as: commercial, organizational, technical, aesthetic, psychological, lawful ones, etc.


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