For requesting Vocational consulting and Professional

Make the payment of either International Consulting or Consulting Chile , as the case may be: For all Spanish speaking, you will know your VOCATION and PROFESSIONAL CAREER during the consultancy.

You will receive a response to your request within 24 hours.

    International consulting

Payment of this consultancy is made with a credit card via Paypal. To request   PROFESSIONAL CONSULTANT, press the following button:

For all the Hispanic speech

At the end of the consultant   know your TALENT, VOCATION and PROFESSIONAL CAREER

    Consulting Chile

Cost: $ 32.000 pesos chilenos

forms of Payment:

-Deposit bank or electronic transfer of bottoms to the account of:

Banco de Chile No:  147 07347 02, Name: Patricia Cabrera Zagal,  Rut: 7 170 522 – 6

In any one of the cases send an image of deposit or electronic bank transfer at the following email:

Communicate your email through the mail to send you the instructions of the Kpertuss Vocational Test