For requesting Vocational consulting and Professional

1.- It Effects the payment already are of International Consulting or Consulting Chile, as it are the case: For all the Hispanic speech, will know your VOCATION and PROFESSIONAL CAREER during the consulting.

Will receive answer to your application inside 24 hours.

    International consulting

The Payment of this consulting makes with charge card via Paypal. For requesting   CONSULTORÍTo PROFESSIONAL, presione the following button:

For all the Hispanic speech

To the term of the consulting  you will know your TALENT, VOCACIÓN and PROFESSIONAL CAREER

    Consulting Chile

Cost: $ 32.000 pesos chilenos

Form of Payment:

-Deposit or transfer of bottoms to common account of the

Banco de Chile No:  147 07347 02, It Appoint: Patricia Cabrera Zagal,  Rut: 7 170 522 – 6

In any one of the cases send comprobante of deposit or of transfer of bottoms to email:

Communicate us his email through the post For sending him the instructions of the Vocational Test Kpertuss