Education 3.0

       Education and Work Market


Professional training focused on work.

As a result of not owing the necessary knowledge for work, there are people who think that professional training should be more adapted to working reality, that is to say, focused on practical and specific tasks of the working area.

But, the more specific is the professional training, the more rigid will be the change, and the staff will have to be retrained, and so on, because work will continue changing.

Educational entities cannot keep the pace of changes in work, produced by technological progresses; but they can hand over fundamentals so the pro copes with those changes with no problem.

Being able to dwell on a job doesn’t necessarily mean that you know every single detail about it, but having the foundation and knowledge to tackle it shortly; specially in these times where technological progresses constantly change the way of doing work.

For this reason, Education must say NO to mechanized knowledge. Say NO to restraining to a static reality oriented to practice in the moment.
Education must be JUSTIFIED.

Fundamentals management helps to recognize new things, to know which concepts it is based on and how is it applied, going along with a global vision that helps to adapt to change.

Educate for the Future.

“How are we going to train and prepare teenagers for roles and functions that are not available yet? “

Betting on a future we don’t know is not possible. Who can best adapt to the future, is the one that has his potential and vocation oriented to some aspect about this. Everything else is uncertain.

Every vocation is oriented to satisfy a human need, so it will always have a place in society.

It is necessary to develop the human being in what he really is and not to condition him to the work field, thus human being is the one who builds the work field up and not the other way around, otherwise we would be restricting the new that is about to come.

The human being doesn’t condition himself to anything, he discovers himself in his nature; is there where his potential and strength lie in, and where the evolutionary change comes depicted.

What the work field offers nowadays, was something unexpected years ago, and it wasn’t created by who studied customizing themselves to the existing work field, but whom developed innovations as a result of their own potential.

When something is actually new, logically, it doesn’t have occupational field yet, as it happened with this emergent technology.

If we want an education that aims to innovation and entrepreneurship, it must focus on discovering and locating the person in the task where his vital energy converges with his own potential.

Otherwise, how will he face new circumstances and his problems? ; How will he reach autonomy in acquiring new knowledge as in their implementation? Where innovation will be originated?


Let’s start the change