Education 3.0

       Education and Life Plan


Sense of Life

We cannot be ourselves; we don’t live our life, but the one that we simply live, already against our own nature.

Although we get more things, however well we live, we cannot live just to do so; so we’ll always feel that something is missing.

Money fulfills the five senses, it let us enjoy of comforts, a good atmosphere, to delight our palate, among other things; though, affection always fills the soul.

But there is something neither other people’s affection can supply us: to feel fulfilled, to find the sense of our life; vocation only can do that.

Vocation brings FULLNESS, making us feel part of life. All contributions are necessary; wanting money is not negative; the negative thing is to want it wildly hoping to find in it more than it could give.

Happiness and fullness have relation with aiming our life to a transcendent goal.

It is necessary to feel we are creating or building something that we consider important for LIFE.

The sense of life is not only necessary in hard moments; its absence causes a void even in welfare.

Beyond finding sense to different experiences, life brings a goal and a mission in each one of us.

While adolescence endures, this does not make us imperative, because we are foraying into a lot of aspects that are new for us, but when 30 years are coming, life requires rewards that hand us pleasure.

Why are we in this life? We are evolutionary units that are added to the universal evolution. We come to work because of a specific purpose, giving our single contributions to evolution.

Not any contribution, but a specific one that comes with us.

We must identify and furnish it, and life will make sense to us.

Temporary Purpose

Every effort is born of a purpose. But, How to have endurance enough not to change a purpose over time? Does it serve any purpose we determine?

When a purpose is temporary, when it is accomplished, motivation wears down and you must go for a new one. Thereby you permanently change labor, without being able to focus own energies in any of them, and without the necessary satisfaction that lets overcome frustrations of the process.

or the purpose to be endurable in time it must not depend only on will, it must be product of the inner strength that we all have.

We must uncover towards what goal is oriented our inner strength (Vocation).

The creative, innovative and explorer ones are people whose labor has been developed for years, so they have needed big reasons to do so.

The only reason that lasts a lifetime is vocation, because it gives you the satisfaction of working to reach that goal.

But that goal is not chosen; it is not decided or tries to convince you about it.
That purpose is DISCOVERED in each one’s life, and from then on everything comes spontaneously, you don’t even need to propose it, it blossoms with our inner strength as something primary and urgent.
Thence, the person feels he is bigger and more transcendent than himself; so he is in this world for that goal.
How is it discovered? Many simple things of daily life announce this since childhood, and it is not only about interests or skills but vocation, that is our life goal and what makes sense of life.

Each time it is more urgent to discover our Essential Goal (vocation), because the beginning of all changes is in the individual.

To feel starts to regain its place in all the domains and in education, with emotional intelligence, that has its maximum expression through vocation, thus, there resides the passion for something.

An essential goal is achieved through the execution of a work that produces us pleasure to do, which obtains sense of transcendence for us and where we rely on the necessary talent(s).

In this essential goal must be based the existence on, independent the climate, such as work market, parents’ expectations, etc.

Life Plan

The backbone of a life plan is the Life Goal, without being clear about this, an outline of a life plan cannot be started.

Then comes to determine the endpoints to achieve it that can be modifiable along the path, depending on the circumstances, but the goal won’t change.

It is not possible to define Personal and Professional goals without knowing our potential and our Life Goal first.

Generally, it is thought that during adolescence is too early to make decisions, but is not like that, in adolescence, you are ready to decide, since vocation linked to your talent appears in puberty and it is already possible to detect from 15 years old.

Adolescence is the right moment to start to outline your Life Plan based on this essential goal.


Let’s start the change