Orientation – Self-knowledge




Your appraisal must arise from what you honestly think about yourself and not what others think about you or give you appreciation. So, your calm will be in your hands and it won’t depend on answers given by the environment.

It’s true that the work is towards others, but invoices are with life, with that life you received and hopes you do what is within you.

It’s better to change your reality sheltering yourself in your pleasure, in what inspires you, to expand it and draw back your damaged or disadvantaged areas, instead of appealing to ease pain and failure you have lived.

Why we are all worth the same?


Everything is around us; all the things that have been discover or built are based on a pulsing reality for us, but not all of us PERCEIVE the same aspects of that reality. That’s what makes us different.

Each one perceives better certain aspects of reality, and we tend to undervalue those who don’t do it, without noticing those others perceive things that we don’t, and they are not denial of ours, only a supplement.

In this is cemented the idea that we all are worth the same and complement each other. Diversity allows the supplement.

The Vocation and our Values.

Why it says that the vocation is a called.

Your vocation orients to something that value, but is not the only that value, even many times not even is what more value; but rather you seat you identified with this task, project you through his perception, imagination and attention to her.

It is such the strength of this called that sometimes still without having the necessary skills, these generate , or finds the way to make it.

Of what another way could express it but like a called to this task? Or one mission to fulfil?


Let’s start the change