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How to choose the occupation?

While it is true, vocation is not limited to one profession but it covers all the aspects of life, it is important that this one is supported by your job performance, since almost all of your time will be devoted to it.

Thereby along with developing your vocation, you will be able to attain material welfare, so that you don’t dispute the time and attention you must devote to both.

Our profession must be the path that leads us to the fulfillment of our dreams. But it could be that there is more than one profession that leads us to them. Even then, where possible we must choose the career which:

Is the nearest path to its fulfillment In other words, the one that is most related to them..

The one that presents less difficulties, in other words, in which we own the needed aptitudes, where possible, the greatest amount of interests are collected. Where our personality . is in accordance with the job performed in it considering socialization and physical environment aspects where it is developed.

Choices to Select

What if the compatibility with the career is not complete?

It may be that our dream is only a part of the most appropriate career, or it has subject areas that are not of our total satisfaction.

It doesn’t matter, because when we exercise, we will find the way to guide it to get to develop that precise part we want.

Remember that when choosing the career, we are choosing the most propitious path to reach out to our dreams, but that doesn’t mean that is essential finding a career completely compatible with them, possible obstacles are getting around in the way in order to retain the specific mission we want to develop.

With the strength of vocation, any obstacle is saved, but neither for that will we look for paths that make it harder, in contrast, we will choose the most advantageous one to its realization.

And if there is no career which responds to our vocation?

It may be that there is not a career that responds accurately to our dreams.

In this case it is advisable following the career which is within the field, so that it gives us sustenance and from that position we can lead the way to our thing.

This also will allow us to be physically and mentally in the same environment, so as not to have mental distractions, as it would be the case if we followed a career completely foreign to our thing, or to be outside of the environment where the opportunities that we need can be given to develop our dream.

And if is not possible to study the appropriate career?

If it is not possible to study the appropriate career either because you don’t have the financial support to resolve it or you weren’t accepted, look for studies that are within reach of your possibilities, but which are related with your thing.

The idea is not to quit the line. .Remember that a career only routes us in a greater or lesser way to our vocation fulfillment.

For instance, let’s suppose that the appropriate career for you was Mechanical Engineering (career of 5 or more years of study) but is not possible to study it, and then you see the possibilities of studying Medical Technology, (a 3-year career). And even then all the conditions are adverse; you seek to enter to work in a mechanic workshop, as an assistant at first.

Similarly, if your thing were Geology and is not possible for you, look for the career that is related to it and where the college years are less. nd lastly, try working as geologist assistant.

There are self-taught ones that are so competent or more than any pro. From your position, you will be drawing opportunities that arise, always in search of promoting your project and your living conditions at a time.

You may think that if the situation is unfavorable to our vocational line, it would be better to devote yourself to something that improves your economic status and forget your vocation.

But if there is a position from which you can improve your living conditions, is exactly this one, here you rely on your greatest abilities, your major strength, here are your desires that are constantly renewed.

If the circumstances were adverse or your social condition didn’t provide you the economic possibilities, don’t discard chances given by life, which is vocation, the natural strength within you.

Which other situation will give you greater chances to improve your economic status other than these?

Perhaps at first, it seems to you that in other place better conditions are presented, but this will be only at first, in medium and long-term is not like that, since here you won’t stagnate, nor will you wear down like in something which is not your thing, and you will know how to recognize it and make the most of the opportunities presented.

Life offers us many more opportunities than we see, but we don’t know how to recognize them, because we don’t follow a life project or not to know where we are going.


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