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       How choose institution of upper education


The decision to study in a determinate institution depends, in good measure, the quality of the intellectual training and professional that will receive.

Averigua Which institutions offer the careers that interest you.

Inform you on the quality of the institutions that offer the studies that interest, and on the quality that has, in each one of them, the career that searches.

They exist differences of quality in the services educacionales that offer the distinct institutions, or different careers of a same entity.

Concerning the same career is recommended that inform you on the bouquets that compose the career, and that compare them with similar careers in the other Institutions. (Do you advise by professionals in her)

It is recommended that visit the institutions, know the library and the infrastructure of the establishment, achieve to speak with some professor and ask in terrain by the appearances that interest you know.

They Are useful the opinions and the councils received of friends and relatives that are studying in her. They can provide you a vision from the interior of a determinate career or institution.

In what is necessary to fix for evaluating the level of quality of an institution?

1. Antiquity of the institution and of the career in that are interested.

The antiquity of the institution and of the career in question, that is to say, the time passed from the date of his creation, says you something of the experience accumulated in the educational activities.

2. Academic level of the educational.

The number and the quality of the academicians is one of the more important appearances to the hour to define the quality of an institution of upper education.

The total number of professors gives a idea of the magnitude of the institution, but no of the quality of the academicians.

A data that #can help to evaluate the quality of the academic body is the number of Doctors and Magíster with that explains the institution, especially the universities.

Doctors are the academicians devoted to the study of matters advanced and to the realisation of a scientific investigation. They can consider like the “professors researchers”, because have the knowledges and the necessary capacity for making scientific investigation.

The Magíster are the academicians that, after having obtained a Degree or a professional title, have approved a cycle of courses of deepening or specialisation advanced, devoted to scientific disciplines, humanistic, artistic or to matters of professional order. They can define like “professors specialists”.

If it treats of a professional or technical career , is important the presence of academicians that, besides, have experience in the activity to that refers the career.

So much in the case of Doctors and Magíster, as of professionals stood out, his influence in the institution depends to a large extent of the point that treats to continuation: the time that devote in the institution.

This information can obtain it directly of the Institution as of the website of the Institution and/or career.

3. Dedication of the educational

The dedication of the educational refers to the number of professors of complete day or of half day that has the career.

Be hired to complete day or half day allows to the professors, in addition to doing his classes, make works of coordination, investigate, attend students and perfect, all which is convenient for the quality of the teaching. '

This information can obtain it directly of the Institution as of the website derfeccionarse, all which is convenient for the quality of the teaching. The Institution and/or career.

4. Relation between the number of postulantes and the number of accepted

The relation between the number of postulaciones received in an institution, and the number of students accepted in her, puts of self-evident the degree of selectivity of the institució

This wants to say that there are institutions that receive a lot of more postulaciones that vacant have for offering, what -in addition to showing the preferences of the postulantes for going in to this institution- allows to the institution select to the better candidates for turning into them students.

Instead, in other institutions all or almost all those that posit are accepted, what forces to the institution to with forming with the students that arrive, although they do not have the academic conditions required.

Then, this data has importance for measuring to where orient the preferences of the students, and for judging the academic quality of the students enrolled.

The academic level of the students has a lot of repercussion in the general level of the teaching of an institution, the one who tends to diminish if the academic capacity average of the students is drop.

5. Library

It is another of the crucial appearances in an institution of upper education. A good library is a powerful tool of learning.

In a lot of cases, however, will be so important for the process of education the have a good library, like the have of appropriate laboratories, computational teams, or advanced audiovisual means. In good measure this depends of the type of career and of the modality of education that it treat . But the library is always notable.

The capacity of a library for attending the needs of the students and professors depends on several factors. One of them is the size of the library, measured by the number of books with that explains. However, the academic libraries are not composed only by books. Also it has to exist in them a suitable collection of skilled periodic magazines, national or international.

There are Them in all the areas of the knowledge, and in them publish the results of the more recent investigations made by the experts of all the world in the respective speciality. Have access to these publications is very important so that the Institution keep up to date in the advance of the sciences and technologies in that base the careers that offers, and so that the training that offers to the students are properly up to date.

6. Profits for the students

It is useful averiguar if the institution offers you profits such like discounts in the tariff, scholarships, discounts in medical or dental attention, sure medical, vocational adviser, psychological attention, agreements of exchange with other institutions, etc.

7. Schedule of the career

A career #can offer in diurnal schedule or in schedule vespertino.

If you are interested in studying in schedule vespertino, ensure you that the conditions that the institution offers you in diet vespertino are equivalent to which offer for the diurnal schedule, in terms of organisation curricular, professors, academic regulations, access to the library and other services, etc. '

Averigua On the services of welfare that offers the institution in which you want to enrol you. And that refer to scholarships and other economic helps, medical service, agreements with other institutions, labour orientation, etc.

Where you can achieve information on the institutions of upper education?

The first and main source of information are the own institutions. Have the right to ask for obtaining information in relation with all the tracks that suggest you previously, as well as the right to visit the institution for knowing it inside.

Besides you can inform you through the website of the Institution and/or career.

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