Types of vocation

        Satisfaction can be reached mostly through:



a) Looking for face-to-face contact and providing through helping, guiding, encouraging, listening, giving hope, comforting, teaching… empathizing with people; Applying knowledge to put it at the service of those who need it.

b) Wanting to contribute at social level to change certain conditions of society.

It is a contribution that you consider humanity needs and that gives you great satisfaction to collaborate with it.

Expressing yourself and Communicating:

Feeling, expressing your feeling and making others feel, looking for a connection with people:

a) By means of senses, transmitting emotions, feelings or sensations in which they feel represented (seeking to move and inspire people)

b) By conveying ideas that show a reality or ideas you consider important to highlight or make known, making people aware of certain realities in society and their own lives.

This service is expressed through delivering feelings and/or ideas to others.  


Through some of the following ways:

a) Creating, building something with your hands; manual work is relaxing for you.

b) Making an object or a system work, innovating, experimenting, implementing something and making it work.

c) Applying scientific knowledge in order to manage, interpret and use them with a view to produce and create goods that provide service and usefulness.

d) Planning work meticulously, designing it, and taking care of details, coordinating all its parts; taste for doing things well.

e) Organizing, running and developing projects in their economical and social aspect in order to produce goods and achieve greater comfort for society.

This service is expressed through building to improve the human being’s living conditions.

Researching and Understanding:

Looking for the desire of satisfying curiosity through figuring out, discovering, knowing, analyzing, whether it be life, physical or biological nature, human nature, society, etc…

This service is expressed through broadening the horizons of human being’s knowledge

Which of these types of delivery is your priority?
…Or your first 2 priorities?


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