International Relations

Career Objectives

Contribute to formulating policies that allow making the most of our international relations

Professional Profile

This professional tackles the part of International Law, which deals with the relations between states, societies and international organizations, from the political, historical and legal perspective.

For that, he has knowledge on: International Politics, International Law, international agreements, the structure and operation of the main international bodies, the State and its administration, and the international economic relations.

It focuses topics such as:

Problems resulting from international politics

The globalization phenomenon and its impact on the internal economic development

The recent global interdependence and its political, economic and social consequences for the country

International treaties

Financial, academic, cultural, economic and business relations of the country abroad

His task is to prepare the international agenda in its different fields: business, governmental, educational and cultural, and issues that have an impact on the domestic and foreign politics of the country, such as: environment, illegal drug trade, human rights, democracy and governance; and proposes strategies, scenarios and possible solutions that lead to making the right decisions in the formulation and execution of foreign policy.

His field is Diplomacy and international relations that are executed from *embassies and *consulates

Specific tasks or activities carried out in the profession

He develops strategic intelligence activities, about foreign policy, international relations and international security issues.

He detects and analyzes an international problem, its causes and possible consequences and proposes possible solutions.

He promotes closeness and communication with different actors of the international society.

He performs activities to represent the country in international forums of governmental and non-governmental nature.

He develops public and private activities in the field of external trade relations.

He designs and evaluates sectoral plans, programs and projects linked to international technical cooperation.

He advises and provides support in the processes of developing and enacting laws, in issues related to foreign policy and international relations.

He develops research activities in the field of International Relations in public and private institutions, of the country or overseas.

He performs advisory tasks in visual, oral and written media, on topics related to international relations.

He performs private consulting activities on the international situation for decision making.

He develops political activities in the field of political parties, sectoral institutions and non-governmental organizations.

He takes part in the administration of international institutions.

Occupational Field

*Ministry of Foreign Affairs



Technical and Commercial Offices

International Relations Office of any Secretary of State

In the legislative power that requires specialists in the international area by virtue of its increased involvement in the analysis of foreign policy

Political parties need the service of internationalists

Non-governmental organization and their future overseas

International public and private agencies in which our country participates

Public Administration

Banking and Financial Institutions

Central Bank

Import and Export Agencies

*Leasing and Insurance Companies

Foreign Companies

National companies linked to overseas

In the academic sector, in education and research


Estimated time of College years

4 to 5 years

Main courses considered in the study plan

Basic Training Courses

Mathematics (2 semesters)

Oral and Written Communication


Professional Area

Introduction to International Relations

Introduction to Law

Introduction to *Economics

Statistics (2 semesters)

Social Research Methodology

Protocol and Social Etiquette

General Sociology

Political Law Fundamentals

History of International Relations

Sociopolitical History of the Country

International Trade


Social and Political Philosophy

Public International Law

Political and Economic Geography

Contemporary History

International Relations Theory

International Policy


International Economics

*Comparative Foreign Policy

Private International Law

Contemporary Foreign Policy

Social and Economic Reality of the country

International Bodies

Foreign Policy of the country

International Negotiation

International Negotiation Strategy

*Comparative Political Systems

Complementary Training Courses

English (6 semesters)


There are three focus areas in the International Relations career: International Business, Foreign Policy and International Law.

Vocation, Skills and Interests required in the candidate for this career


Interest in history, international events, what happens in the world with the issue of power balance, wars, the economy and cultures

Strong valuation by the right of people

Interest in the knowledge and understanding of political, economic and social reality of the country

Interest in negotiation where the argument, the sense of opportunity, imagination, exchange, the ability to detect common interests, the persuasion to open up to new interests, etc, play an important role.

Taste for management, organization and planning


Ability in communication and agreement with others

Ease of expression, in argument and the use of language

Able to relate to people and work in multidisciplinary teams

Analysis capacity and research in social matters

Skill in Negotiation and Persuasion Strategy, how to know how to meet the right conditions, search and wait for the right moment, finding out the way of thinking of the other, what you want to achieve, etc.

Ease to speak other languages, especially English


Promote justice, peace and agreements in the contemporary international society

Or any specific dream or longing which feels involved or oriented towards this direction.

Candidate’s Personality






Respectful of cultures and customs

Work Scope


Office Work, Sociability and Management

Eventually he must travel because of his work

Related Careers

Law, Political Science, International Trade

Glossary of Terms

*Consulate: A consulate is the representation of the public administration (procedures) of a country abroad.

*Comparative Foreign Policy: Comparison with Foreign Policy of other countries.

*Economics: Science to which subject of study is the social organization of the economic activity.

*Embassy: It is the diplomatic representation (oriented to government policies) of a national government before the government of another country.

*Leasing: Rent with option to purchase.

*Macroeconomics: Study of the factors of national economy related to the production and consumption of the country’s wealth and problems related to employment level.

*Ministry: It corresponds to each of the functions in which we can divide the government of a country.