Career Objectives

Companies understand that to be able to sell, it is necessary to advertise, it is impossible to know you if you do not make yourself known. That is why the objective of this career is to communicate to the productive sector with consumers, making known the advantages and new characteristics applied to the products that have been acquired by new technologies; as well as guiding customers by sending effective messages that meet their needs and desires.

Professional Profile

Professional qualified to interpret and process information from companies or different organizations that need effective advertising communication.

With strategic thinking, he develops and executes communication towards the market.

He is an expert in communication marketing, which positions both companies and products.

This is a career with a strong emphasis in the creation of communication concepts. Advertising executives are professionals trained to use their knowledge, creative and strategic thinking together with technology.

He uses persuasion tools to develop sales strategies. With strategic vision to enter the market (consumer psychology), agents of changes with a strong dose of creativity (visual, sound and word).

He must manage to persuade, maintain or create favorable attitudes of consumers regarding the consumption of products or use of services.

Professional specialist in management, texts, sounds and images, delivering persuasive messages through ideas, signs or images

He is able to create advertising pieces that entertain, inform and educate.

He handles artistic and technological concepts and tools, using art to embellish messages, psychology to ground them, common sense to justify them and from a strategic vision of business and the company.

Un profesional que mezcla el arte con el comercio.

The advertising executive must maintain playfulness and simplicity of the message.

He has to worry about choosing the target audience for a determined campaign so that the message is understood and can reach the audience.

Communications, media and the market are changing, therefore a vision of the future must be maintained, which not only allows to anticipate to these changes but also to be prepared to act on them.

Globalization, common markets and the incorporation of new media, as in the case of the Internet, create new and different consumers, different communication codes, different behaviors and attitudes that raise again some strategic concepts.

He is able to form speeches from images and visualize business opportunities.

He is able to achieve key concepts that impact and generate new communication strategies.


The Italian costume designer and entrepreneur, Luciano Benetton, decided that social issues would be the foundations of his advertising campaigns; issues such as racism, famine, discrimination and cultural taboos that are commonly evaded.

The company was distributed in more than 60 countries, so it was a single issue to reach all of them.

The strength of facing the truth was associated with images with a strong color and good quality of garments as well as the name of the brand.

This method or this new communication strategy was called “content advertising”.

Specific tasks or activities carried out in the profession

He designs, plans, produces and evaluates advertising and social welfare campaigns to be used in all kinds of media, whether television, radio, print media or the Internet, as well as the street.

He produces the corporate image of an institution.

To compete successfully in the current and future market, companies and organizations in general must have the acceptance, appreciation and support of the people related to them, both within them and in the community where these companies or organizations are located. That is why they need a good image from the whole community.

They create messages producing and developing texts and using advertising panels or signs, advertising in paper, with leaflets and posters.

He creates advertisements for television and radio products.

He applies designs or graphic pieces to pencils, t-shirts or hats to be distributed among people.

These tasks conclude with the production of all the communication pieces involved in the advertising campaign: recording and editing of advertisements, composition and recording of jingles and radio quotes in professional format, computer graphic design (ads, leaflets, posters, thoroughfare, etc.) development of advertising pieces for electronic media, (websites – postcards – pieces for e-commerce).

Occupational Field

It is very broad and varied, he can perform in:

Advertising Agencies

Market Research Offices

Media (television, radio stations, press, magazines)

Marketing and Advertising departments of private and public companies and organizations

Social, political, cultural and recreational organizations

Electronic Commerce (e-commerce)

Government Agencies


Direct Marketing Companies

Promotion or Merchandising Companies

Audiovisual Production Company

Public Image Companies

Advertising Companies

Free exercise of the profession

Specialization Areas

Marketing and Media Planning

Graphic and Audiovisual Creation

Estimated time of College years

4 years

The study plan, whether semi-annual or annual and its exact duration will depend on the institution.

Main courses considered in the study plan

Graphic Design workshop, audiovisual workshop, Creative photography workshop, Economics, Research techniques, advertising campaign, marketing, Psychology of Advertising, Applied mathematics, Advertising, Sociology, Written Expression, Theory of Communication, Creativity and Copywriting, Market Research, Strategic Marketing, Multimedia and Audiovisual Production

The curriculum also includes information technology, organization, planning, control and management, as in the case of commercial engineers. This allows the graduate to acquire the role of representative among different professionals.

Vocation, Skills and Interests required in the candidate for this career

The advertising agent is a curious person. Good advertising executives are cultured, able to relate what the common human being does not.

It does not require only to an original person who comes up with rare ideas and who is also good for drawing. It is a seductive character, capable of understanding and catching the receiver’s attention and delivering the solution to his need; that will focus his job on responding to a real problem and not to meet personal tastes that go against the public’s thinking and strategic coherence.

For that, he must:

Be a communicator, with the ability to develop great communication ideas

Creativity skill towards the field of art in general, especially plastic arts, ease of expression and interpretation of visual language

Be inventive, with skill to convert an abstract concept into a concrete message

With sensitivity and perception ability in the psychological aspect of people, being critical and sensible in this area

Taste for commerce

Taste for innovation

Skill in Speech Comprehension and Written Expression


It is focused towards the desire of an artistic communication of the recreation, psychological and strategic type.

Or any specific dream or longing which feels involved or oriented towards this direction.

Candidate’s Personality

Active and good working capacity; executive

Self-motivated (sense of search for new things), entrepreneurial personality

Ease for teamwork

Planning ability


Taste for management


Tolerance; ability to solve conflicting situations

Logical reasoning to solve situations

Work Scope


He performs in the commercial field

Management environment and social skills where he must move from one place to another and interact with different people such as communication with account executives for the production and development of texts and advertising messages.

Capable of working in a high competitive environment

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