Early Childhood Education

Career Objectives

Its objective is to support the appropriate growth and psychobiological and emotional development, creativity and self-expression, the health and socialization requirements of pre-school children.

These objectives are met through the entertainment of the students when studying and learning.

Professional Profile

Professional who has a systematic knowledge of the child and the needs of his development, both physically and psychologically as well as plastic, body, musical and literary expression, necessarily going through the social, family and ecological aspects of the environment.

He gains a solid knowledge base about cognitive, motor and affective needs, with the acquisition of a vast array of methods and techniques for working with preschoolers, parents and the community.

He is skilled in the comprehensive knowledge of a child under the age of six, his family and environment.

-Trained to practice his profession efficiently and with moral solvency.

Specific tasks or activities carried out in the profession

-He designs teaching activities that meet the objectives proposed.

-He organizes and manages child care centers, working with a multidisciplinary team, in cooperation with community bodies.

He schedules and organizes activities aimed at stimulating the physical development and sociability of children.

He promotes the ease of expression of children by telling stories and organizing role play sessions or theater, recitation of poems for children, dances and nursery rhymes, conversation and discussion.

He observes children in order to be able to appraise their processes and inform their parents about the achieved results or the problems detected.

He supervises children during their preschool activities to ensure their safety and resolve the conflicts that can be presented.

Occupational Field

-Nursery schools, whether private, municipal and community organizations.

-Public, municipal or private educational institutions.

-Publishing houses and social media.

-Children’s furniture industries

-Supervision of didactic material and products for children

-Organizations of care and study for Early Childhood Education

- Advising on the production of children's television programs

-Administration of Nursery schools for any type of organization.

-Possibilities to approach postgraduate courses in Psycho-pedagogy

-Independent professional practice

Estimated time of College years:

5 years

The semi-annual or annual study plan and its exact duration will depend on the institution that imparts it.

Main courses considered in the syllabus.

Health education, Motor Skills and Rhythm Expression, Musical Expression, Plastic Expression, Children’s Literature, Introduction to Philosophy of Education, Physiology and Anatomy, Teaching Material Workshop, General Psychology, Methodology of Education, Educator Ethics, Infant Psychology, Games and Recreation, Psychology of Learning, Organization and Administration of Nursery Schools, among others.

Vocation, Skills and Interests required in the candidate to this career 


-Ludic (Taste and enthusiasm for games).

-Affection for children.

-Sensitivity to the child, feeling that the children entertain him, they give him joy.

-Sensitivity to art.



-Observation capacity to be able to understand the situation through the child’s gestures and moods.

- Ability to adapt to a flexible and appropriate process for each child.

-Communication ability to be understood by them.

- Expression appropriate to the age of children, through spoken language and gestures.

-Good coordination between movement and rhythm.

-Has no physical, hearing or language limitations.


Vocation of service and it’s focused on feeling respect for children to teach them to value their lives and the lives of others, to dream and learn.

Or any specific dream or longing which feels involved within this global vocation.

Candidate Personality

-Emotional balance and self-control

-Prudence and openness (so as not to discriminate between different types of personality presented between them).

-Gentle treatment

-Creative and dynamic

Work Scope


-In direct contact with children.

Related Careers

-Primary Education; Psycho-pedagogy; Child Psychology; Special Education.