Career Objectives

Improving the productive processes, achieving cleaner industries and as a result, a better protection of the environment.

Keeping attention to the dramatic changes science and technology are undergoing, in order to respond appropriately to the requirements of the industry and the whole society.

Career Description / Professional Profile

Biotechnology is not only science but also technology.

Biotechnology integrates the knowledge of biology, chemistry, microbiology and engineering, to achieve various applications to specific problems within the scope of industry, as of the use of *biological agents such as microorganisms, plant cells, animal cells (bacteria, yeasts, microalgae, etc.) and derived parts of them.

*Biological Agent: Biological component which can produce an effect on something determined.

In general, we can say that it is focused on the optimal use of matter and energy of biological origin in favor of the human being.

In practice, Biotechnology develops processes such as food production, by means of the fermentation done by microorganisms. A clear example of the above is brewing, which in one of its stages, the barley is fermented.

Biotechnology, besides, expands its field of action to other areas, such as health or mining, where the professional must be trained for the comprehensive management of bioprocesses.

Specific tasks or activities carried out in the profession

-Designing scientific-technological procedures which provide greater added value to natural resources.

-Developing and operating industrial processes which make use of biological material.

-Controlling the process.

-Quality control of products.

-Management, treatment and use of residues generated by the industry.

-Performing biochemical research and applied research on it.


Bioremediation: This consists on finding the microorganisms capable of converting contaminants in less aggressive materials for the environment.

Like bacteria capable of digesting the oil that has been deposited on a beach; converting sulfur which comes from chimneys in manipulable solid materials, or making catalytic converters less hazardous.

-Working on pollution abatement in ferrous metallurgy (Steel industry).

-Working on the optimization of cloned microorganisms.

-Working on gene therapy, which is cultivation of cells and tissues that will allow the cure of diseases like cancer, Parkinson’s disease and HIV/AIDS.

-Ensuring that humanity soon reaches a lifespan of 100 to 150 years.

-Working on techniques of genetic recombination, cell cultures, embryo manipulation.


-Food Biotechnology, Fermentation and Enzymes.

-Biotechnology in Mining, Biotechnology in Environment, Industrial Biotechnology, Animal Biotechnology, Plant Biotechnology, Aquaculture Biotechnology and Biomedical Biotechnology.

Occupational Field

-Industries or companies based on the application of biological science, molecular biology and bioprocesses.

-Food industry and agribusiness.

-Fermentation industries.

-Companies in charge of decontamination and treatment of water.

-Exporters of processed waste.

-Companies in charge of pharmaceutical products.

-Offices and regional departments in charge of the development of natural wealth and preservation of the environment.

-Research institutes.

-Consultancy (entity devoted to advise companies in topics related to the area).

-Higher education.

-Planning and Development Authorities.

-Biohydrometallurgical Processes.

-Cultivation processes of Cells and Tissues for Gene Therapy (cure of diseases). -Production of Recombinant Proteins.

Industrial production of:

• Insulin, Hepatitis B vaccine, cholera and AIDS vaccines, recombinant enzymes for food industry, growth hormone for the farming of fish.

-Fishing industry in protein recovery processes.

-Forest Industry in enzymatic treatment of wood pulp.

- Use of cryogenic Krill enzymes.

Estimated time of College years

Being engineering, the duration of its studies is around 5 years.

* In the case of Chile 4 or 6 years depending on whether it is Civil Engineering in Biotechnology or Execution Engineering in Biotechnology.

Main courses considered in the syllabus.

Basic Sciences:

Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Introductory Science to the specialty:

-Zoology, Botany, Cell Biology, Workshop on Molecular Biology, Workshop on Aquaculture (farming of fish, mollusks and aquatic plants), Physical chemistry, Biochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry.

Specialty Courses:

-Biostatistics, Workshop on Plant Biotechnology, Workshop on Genetic Engineering, Ecology, Genetics, Microbiology, Physical Chemistry of Macromolecules, Workshop on Bioreactors, (Place or device where a chemical reaction is carried out), Optimization, Physiology, Biotechnology, Workshop on Biotechnology, Immunology, Unit operations, Instrumentation of Industrial Processes, Environmental Biotechnology, Biodiversity and Renewable Natural Resource Preservation.

Complementary Courses:

Patent Workshop, Ethics and Law, Microeconomics, Project Assessment, Operations Management.

Vocation, Skills and Interests required in the candidate to this career


-Manifesting attraction to natural science, especially biology and chemistry.

-Motivation to investigate, understand and apply in this area.



Analysis, synthesis, logic, abstraction, interpretation, observation and induction (all these concepts are explained in the –Aptitudes- section of this webpage)


Spatial Reasoning, Deduction, Manual dexterity and eye-hand coordination, Inventive/Originality and physical-mechanical reasoning and induction (all these concepts are explained in the –Aptitudes- section of this website).

-Understanding and Mathematical operations.

-Understanding Laws of Physics and their application.

-Understanding of Chemistry.


A desire of service and personal satisfaction achieved through broadening the horizons of knowledge of human being and its application to improve their living conditions and the environment ones.

This is done through research of pure biological, chemical and biochemical science and their applicability.

Or any specific dream or longing which feels involved or oriented towards this global vocation.

Candidate Personality

-Teamwork, methodical, punctilious, patient and persistent.

Work Scope

-Laboratory work and in Industries.

Related Careers

Bioprocess Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Biochemistry, BA in Biology, Environmental Biologist, Environmental Engineering, Food Engineering, Chemical Analyst, Pharmacy, Medical Technologist.